LiNA Librata™

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Cordless Balloon Ablation Device(Endometrial Ablation Simplified)

2 minute treatment time with the versatility of balloon therapy

Combined in the first-ever fully automated cordless hand piece.



LiNA Librata™


  • Slim 5.4 mm catheter requires minimal or no dilation.
  • 2 minute treatment time.
  • No complicated setup.


  • Ideally suited for ambulatory gynaecology.
  • No need to measure cavity length or width.
  • Capable of treating irregular shaped uteri.
  • Easy withdrawal of catheter at end of the procedure.

Cordless Intelligence

  • No generator, No cables, No capital investment.
  • Librata’s intelligent software automatically manages time, temperature, and pressure for effective treatment.
  • Continuous monitoring of uterine cavity for optimal safety.

LiNA Librata™

Intelligent Design, Simple Operation.


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