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Geeta Maa was born on 22 April 1966 in the City of Shimla…

She had completed her Gradutaion from Rajkiya Kanya Maha Vidyalaya (RKMV) Shimla.

She was a Receptive student and a popular one to. She loved listening Bhajan’s and would also spend hours in temple with God. She has belong to where Nine God/Goddess are stay.15 Years Ago Geeta Maa had managed to become a accomplishment

Even as a child, Geeta Maa was considerate, sensitive & helpful.

At an age when children play with dolls and toy houses, Geeta Maa’s mind was Keener on Bhakti.

Geeta Maa have one boy and one girl . Who is well settled.

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Remedies for disease Anything that is experienced by the mind cannot be meditation. Whatever we do, is done through our mind. And releasing ourselves from the clutches of our mind is called meditation. Meditation is not a state where you are fighting with your thoughts, where you are fighting with your memories, where you are fighting with your urges or your bodily sensations.

Wealth And Prosperity is indeed the highest possible knowledge, for it is the knowledge of the ultimate truth, the absolute reality. When correctly imbibed, this knowledge radically transforms one’s life such that the person arrives at the goal of his human birth by realizing his pure, real Self.

Happy Married Life is by no means easy to decipher, to grasp the essence held in the works of mystics and that is why they need to be understood from an awakened being. As at the plane of their highly evolved consciousness, self-realized beings speak the same truth albeit in a .